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Hi. Nice to meet you.

My name is Gordon and I'm responsible for this puddle of rainbow barf that you just stepped in.

I'm a musician, video artist, and entrepreneur.

Thanks for dropping by!

I make a lot of stuff. I kick myself for not making more, but then I try to put a portfolio together and realize there's no way to show it all off at once. Most of this hasn't been made public before 2020, so I guess it's been piling up. 

I do appreciate minimalism, honestly, I do. However, it's not the greatest approach to expressing excitement. As I personally approach 40 years old it seems like a gift to still possess a sense of thrill or awe.

Take a scroll with me, and I'll let you in on some of my secrets. 


I still put pen to paper every once in a while. I have some dusty blank canvases and I've been meaning to restock on paint.
All of my recent discoveries relate to new possibilities and that's taken a digital turn that I cannot deny robs a little humanity, but opens an astounding amount of creativity.
Now that Blockchain technology has found a role in the art world I'm simply too curious, and I'm finding my place by making in this new space.

My newest visual art is now at


Creative video projects





I've been writing songs since before I knew how to play an instrument. Luckily that was long enough ago that even I barely remember.
Now I can proudly share just about anything I manage to finish.

Here's a few active projects of mine:


Formed in 2008 and still at it.


Catch-all name for my electronic music.


Solo project that sounds like a band, but will probably never play live.

....and then there are old projects, and projects I haven't launched yet...


I've done some freelancing and event photography over the years, but the experimental and abstract side of capturing still images is what really captured my heart.

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I hope you join me there!


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