EP P:LAY: LOOP PACK (77 Seamless Loops)

Basement Vibes has been selling a few loops here and there, but we're now launching some jumbo sized themed packs, and we're excited to showcase this first offering on Gumroad.

 I've been having a real hard time not twisting knobs for hours as we test the setup for it's actual live roll-out. Everything is definitely looking as intended, but the world of possibilities seems to be expanding exponentially outward like the universe itself. I'm finding myself losing hours at time in a creative fugue state, creating a lot of editing in each wake. Editing loops is way less fun than jamming, but the thrills of having something to show is a reward that doesn't come without a little monotony. 

Here's the result:


Next up I'll roll out some examples of the type of custom content we hope to commission. C Ya soon.

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