BVTV: Live Beta Testing Begins

I had what I now call the Alpha Version of WWBV working almost a year ago. Let me spare you all the gory, bore-y, rabbit-holey details and just say what you should be thinking: EVERYTHING TAKES LONGER THAN YOU THINK IT WILL, dummy. That's one string of words I should have Memento'd down my forearm already.

So I let the wind out my sails, and couldn't puff 'em up again. Bottles of happy pills later and I still wasn't ready to do this, at least not on my own. I had this mapped out, then wired up, but its just too complex and jumbled for even the engineer. Like all of 2019, it wasn't going to be any good so stepping back had to be acceptable.

I moved my freelance video studio into a studio space that instantly flooded, then moved it to the next city over, only to end up working less efficiently and broke because of it. So here I am back in the basement, still trying to work that all out, but also staring all my passions and motivations in the face again. I'm just glad my neglected muse is talking to me after all the broken promises. 

The first new video-art spark is this familiar space led to visual discoveries and fresh inspiration to an overwhelming degree. It's fucking freezing down here, but this setup gets me hot. I've worked out a dynamic hybrid Analog/Digital live "studio". 6+ input channels of analog video, 4 matching (more or less) HD/4K mirroless cameras and 8 channels of audio. Setting this up opened a whole new visual frontier for me, and hopefully will for others too. I have a pipeline of content to try out, and at least a few helping hands on deck, so it's time to give this a real go.

It's too soon to toss out the happy pills, but it feels good to get something past 80% done. Sound and video is synced. Establishing vibes, checking the last page of to-dos. All systems good enough. Better than good, so let's go.


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